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Play Girlgame Horse Run

Horse Run

Are you in love with horse races? Today is your lucky day because you have the chance to play a new type of horse...

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Play Girlgame Tom Dressing

Tom Dressing

What else can you do in a nice and sunny day but having a walk in the park? If you want to do this, you definitely...

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Play Girlgame Bratz Pixies Fortunes

Bratz Pixies Fortunes

As you all now, the magic is real! As a proof, you have in front of your eyes the magic flower who can tell you real...

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Popular games for girls

Play Girlgame Party Boy Dressing

Party Boy Dressing
The party is about to begin. What should he wear? There are some many clothes that it's so hard...

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Play Girlgame Makeup Room

Makeup Room
This is so amazing! This is what every girl dreams of! A room full of makeup. Unfortunately...

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Play Girlgame Lucky Ranch Dress Up

Lucky Ranch Dress Up
The Lucky Ranch is now open. Everyone can go and have a ride with the beautiful horses. If you...

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Play Girlgame Bratz Love Meter

Bratz Love Meter
Do you think you look good together? Type in your names and find out now using this love meter game!

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Play Girlgame Sue Beauty Studio - Boy Styling

Sue Beauty Studio - Boy Styling
A new beauty studio is open in town. It seems that you are the only the best hair stylist around....

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Play Girlgame The Tomato Sauce Factory

The Tomato Sauce Factory
Do you find a gardening game interesting? Have you ever wondered how the tomato sauce is made?...

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Most recently played games

Play Girlgame The Smurfs - Car assembling

The Smurfs - Car assembling
The Smurf has a car service place and he wants to repair or even build cars. Unfortunately he's...

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Play Girlgame Maid's Room

Maid's Room
Look at this nice room. Do you think you can make it look better by simply moving the furniture...

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Play Girlgame Hannah Montana - The Rock Star

Hannah Montana - The Rock Star
Hannah Montana is about to start a show and she needs to get dressed. Everybody knows her as a...

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Play Girlgame Britney Spears Makeup

Britney Spears Makeup
Britney spears likes makeup a lot and she needs it because she wants to look great on the stage....

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Play Girlgame Sponge Bob Spongeseek

Sponge Bob Spongeseek
Are you in love with Sponge Bob? Do you like Battleship games? This is your lucky day! You have...

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Play Girlgame Honey

You wanted really bad to take some dance lessons. Now you are in front of the best teacher from...

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